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Biden’s Foreign Policy: Changing Dynamics

The foreign policy of each country is based on the national interests of that country, But in the 21st Century, there have been comprehensive changes in the mode of determining these national interests. In IR there is a tendency of changing the allies and enemies of a country but its national interests remain eternal. The …

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COVID19: A Global Responsibility?

In February 2021, India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party passed a resolution unequivocally hailing the “visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi” in turning India into a “victorious nation in the fight against COVID”. Two months later, India is witnessing the world’s worst Covid surge. India is in the midst of a vast crisis. It is no …

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Hong Kong’s Human Capital Reversal

 It remains an indubitable fact that a major segment of the millennial gentry unequivocally eye the opportunity of working in a developed liberal economy like Hong Kong, which provides a robust economic landscape conducive for conducting business and services. However, we witness a reverse trend being played out in the current global landscape with large …

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